Public Spaces - Car Parks

Service Design Partnership has created a series of safe and secure car parks for both NHS and private sector health care.

Teeside NHS asked us o develop a new secure car park at Roseberry Park hospital as part of its refit of the hosital there. To accommodate a new secure ward the old car park was developed and new one had to be built.

Key challenges included:

  • To provide a secure car park that logged in visitors
  • Create a safe well-lit environment in a business that works 24 hour shifts
  • Ensure safe segregation of pedestrians and cars so that both can move about efficiently

Service Design Partnership checked client needs and the new location. We developed and oversaw the implementation of a new M&E fitout that saw the installation of new bollards, operated new pedestrian crossing lights to improve safety and installed new lighting. This was the first stage before the development of a new ward on the site of the former car park that will be used as part of thew whole site redevelopment.