Small Batch Pharmaceutical Unit HRI

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (HRI) wanted to establish a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in a former mill.  While pharmaceutical projects are challenging this was more so because of the work needed on the site before any work could begin. SDP was appointed as the M&E team because of their expertise and understanding of the unique challenges the project presented.

Using an old site is particularly complex because you are trying to make something fit onto a site it wasn’t designed for. Added to that is the risk of contamination. This site had asbestos which had to be safely cleared first. 

Once that was done SDP set about creating a unique M&E design that would support a sophisticated pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, being reliable, sustainable and flexible to future proof potential developments and changes.  

Dave Flewker, development director for Interserve explained: “Having worked with SDP before on other pharmaceutical projects I knew there was no one else up to the job or as experienced in providing the understanding or designs we needed.

“Working in pharmaceuticals you are working to very high standards in buildings and circumstances that are not run of the mill. You have to be able to meet strict structural guidelines and post very high quality validation and accreditation when the job is completed. The skill, which SDP have is to design it in from the beginning. That minimises risk and issues and safeguards robustness. 

“Commonly M&E is 30 per cent of the work of any project, in a pharmaceutical project it can be as much as 50 per cent. SDP ensured the job ran smoothly, co-ordinating with the other specialists on site, behaving as part of the team and not in isolation. It makes all the difference on such complex projects. I would have no hesitation recommending them and have worked with them since,” he added.