SERVICES Design Partnership (SDP) have been trusted partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers for 30 years, bringing their expertise to often complex projects.

Those customers trusted SDP to design M&E fit outs to common areas including rest areas, kitchens and dining rooms.

One recent project for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) demanded delivering first class design services whilst fitting to a tight schedule.

The team were recently commissioned to work on a new kitchen/restaurant which will be completed for next month.

With a high turnover of staff demanding tasty meals round the clock to keep them going, the M&E needed to be reliable, sustainable, and easy to maintain.  

SDP refurbished the 100-seater restaurant and installed a new kitchen that is low energy but delivers on quality and taste.  The SDP design was open, spacious, attractive.  This helped to keep the old area open, adding spatial value to the project.

Due to the tight-fitting schedule, time efficiency was key.  The team worked efficiently to meet the strict deadline.

SDP delivered integrated services provided with the kitchen supplier, establishing a new ventilation plant for the restaurant and canopy.