Stafford Health Centre

SERVICE Design Partnership as a 30 plus year history of creating innovative M&E designs that work for the present and are future proofed.

Increasingly health services are becoming devolved at the heart of local communities to provide faster more flexible services that give patients better outcomes. 

SDP was commissioned by WW Medical, a specialist health development company to develop a performance specification and write a workflow document that will make it crystal clear how the health centre should be developed for greatest efficiency.

Out-patient services that required both mechanical and electrical services within the building include:

  • endoscopy unit
  • day centre
  • operating theatre for minor interventions
  • first and second stage recovery rooms
  • consulting, and
  • treatment rooms

The centre has to be flexible, capable of dealing with a high volume of people on a daily basis and fully HTM compliant.

Neil Whittingham of WW Medical the building developer said: “We have worked with SDP on numerous projects for health care in the past. Having seen the quality and innovation that they can add to projects we knew they could add value. SDP understand how health care and medical services work and were able to offer concise advice at the start and provide guidance for developing the centre. I would recommend them to health service providers.”